In need of a brain dump

I need to brain dump and organize my thoughts. I feel like if I don’t soon, I am going to either drown in my own words or keep standing in my own creation of cement.

So here it goes:

Lifestyle blog

What do readers want to read? What is not already out there that would be interesting? That’s the big question, right? I recently did a search on Top Ten Lifestyle Blogs. Most bloggers are women talking about hair, fashion, makeup, fitness, motherhood. What’s missing? How about being a mom of a teenager about to embark on his last two years of high school? No - I don’t want to share too much information about him simply to avoid his embarrassment.

How about being a plus-size woman? Interesting. Yes, maybe. We have stigmas about us that we are lazy or don’t work as hard as others. But then, do I really want to share how on some days I feel like the only thing that will fit me is queen sheet? Or how on other days I feel totally sexy and am proud to have a size D cup? I definitely don’t want to sound wimpy and tell people to be nice to me - it’s not my fault that I am fat. Or want people to feel sorry for me or look at me differently; or think I am claiming unfairness to society because I am treated differently. Because honestly, I’m not. Not in my world anyway. I don’t feel like my size hinders any success I may have. Hmmm, not sure about this one but it is a possibility.

Step-motherhood. That’s another interesting topic but again, too personal. I would hate to say something negative or share my frustrations about being a step-mom to have the entire world to read… including the kids. To forever have it out there that I had concerns or misunderstandings for them to only read and make things worse. Because honestly, being a step-mom is hard. It’s one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. And I am failing at it.

I know I don’t want to talk about fashion - good lord! I wouldn’t even know where to start! A food blog would be fun but I would rely too heavily on my partner and he’s already too busy and tired. Plus, I know what I like to eat and it’s usually not too complex or fancy. Give me some Boursin and almonds and I am set!

Books. No, I don’t read that often and can’t get through my latest book club book. Growing up happy? That seems to be a rarity. Maybe I could talk about having a healthy and delightful childhood without abuse or neglect. But probably not… that would be insensitive to those that have suffered and my heart truly goes out to those who have and still do.

Being divorced? Hahaha - no way! I don’t want to think about my ex-husband any more than I already have to. But let’s just say my first article would be appropriately titled “Being married to a narcissist.” (But isn’t that what most people would say? And trust me, he is the true definition of the word.)

Battling depression, anxiety and feeling emotionally crapped out. Maybe. But I am not a therapist so it would be difficult for me to give advice - only my own personal journey. Because I have one. I have struggled with body image. I was in a horrible marriage and almost took my life to get out. I have doubts and fears. So maybe. It may be my own therapy session.

Tips on planning the perfect parties? Maybe. How to kill a block of ice with a table knife. Just did that. Felt good.

So yes, still searching for the perfect topics of my blog… as I am writing one.

More brain dump time.

What direction should I grow my business?

Wow - another very interesting topic. Since I can build websites, do I move more into that direction? Really learn and implement WordPress, plug-ins, SEO, SEM, keywords, domains and all that other junk?

Project Management - I love planning and all of the details it takes to properly implement a project or event. Seriously, I get a small high when something goes well. Should I look into getting my PMP certification and possibly move more into that direction?

Social media marketing. I have such a love/hate relationship with social media. I think I really want to let this one lie where it already is. I manage three accounts and I am good with that. So that’s a big strong no for me.

Ok - so I just took a short break and searched YouTube for SEO training. Maybe I just answered my own question. Training on WordPress, SEO, building a great site… this may be my next goal.

Digital Marketing - love it and am attending a conference next week. So that should be fun. From what I understand, careers in digital creation is booming and will continue to boom.

Ok - another quick break to watch a new Pink interview. LOVE HER! 

She just said how she carved out her entire career and did it on purpose. Took a machete and chopped away. I don’t necessarily have a machete but I have a keyboard and a mouse. Just need to fully figure out how to start cutting through the chaos.


Household necessities.

Paint the guest room - or better yet… hire someone to paint my guest room.

Plan for summer vacation.

Make sure other family members are planning for summer vacation. (remember, I love the details and I know for a fact someone doesn’t have a swimsuit.)

Figure out the rest of the month… it is the first and I need to understand where we are going. So basically, make my to-do list and update my calendar.

My brain now hurts and Pink is still talking. I am going to finish her interview and see what other great wisdom she will bestow on me.

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